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Natural Skin Lightening Cream:  Discover 3 Safe, Effective Solutions For Blemishes and Discolorations

Do you have age spots, freckles, discoloration, melasma, uneven skin tone or similar hyperpigmentation conditions that you would like to treat safely, affordably and without risk? Perhaps you just want to lighten your overall skin tone?

In a moment we’ll review three natural skin lightening creams to see if they can produce the same results you’d expect from harsher chemical products, minus the harshness and irritation and side effects, of course.

Natural Skin Lightening Cream Put to the Test

We’re reviewing two popular and fairly well known products (Meladerm & Revitol) and another lesser known, completely natural product from New Zealand based company Xtend-Life.

meladerm skin lightening cream

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex

In order to answer the question we posed at the top of the page, we tested the 2005 Beauty With Science winner, Meladerm.

It’s not clear what exactly the Beauty With Science award is, but no matter. We’re here to see if the product works or not.

Marketed as a versatile solution to all kinds of hyperpigmentation conditions, Meladerm might just be the most powerful natural skin lightening cream around.

The great thing about Meladerm is that it is one of the most discussed skin whitening creams online.

We took it for a spin around the block for 30 days to see what we could learn, and also collected user reviews from all over the net to get a complete picture.

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skin whitening cream

Revitol Skin Brightener
Revitol manufactures a variety of affordable skin care products. Their Skin Brightener is one of the cheapest natural skin whitening creams around.With quite a long money back guarantee and solid bulk discounts, this product offers you the chance to give it a proper trial without spending too much money.

The ingredients look good, the price is right. So, just how effective is it, and what is the general consensus around the web?

Read on to find out.

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Xtend-Life Natural Whitening Day Cream

Not many people seems to know about Xtend-Life, which is a shame. Perhaps it’s because they’re based in New Zealand, even though they ship their products worldwide promptly and efficiently, with thousands of customers in the US alone already.

We’ve been extremely impressed with the products from their skin care range and especially their commitment to safe, natural products.

The Xtend-Life whitening day cream seems to be marketed more as a gentle skin tone lightener than a treatment for hyperpigmentation conditions like age spots. Can it make a difference to these in any case?

We put it to the test, so let’s see how their whitening product performs.

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Results Summary:

If you’re concerned with fast results and spot treatment of hyperpigmentation conditions, Meladerm is without a doubt the better product to start with and is an excellent skin discoloration cream.

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The other two creams have their strengths, but can’t compete with the effectiveness and positive global feedback we found on Meladerm.

To finish off this article, let’s just quickly look at why you should be looking to use a safe and natural skin whitening cream like the ones above in the first place.

The Dark Side of Skin Lightening Cream – Why Using a Safe, Natural Cream is Crucial

skin lightening cream hazardsSkin lightening is not something that should be taken lightly (pun not intended). Many products in this market can damage both your skin and your health, permanently in extreme cases.

Some dermatologists apparently have no problem prescribing bleaching creams containing Hydroquinone, and over-the-counter products containing it is also sold in large numbers. This toxic chemical is one of the most common active ingredients in skin lightening creams. It is still legal in the US despite having been banned for use in cosmetics in the UK.

Hydroquinone has not only been known to irritate skin, but can also cause permanent skin damage and hyperpigmentation in rare cases.

This is just one example of a banned substance being freely sold to the public. You can find bleaching creams containing steroids without searching too hard, and some manufacturers even stoop so low as to use mercury, a highly toxic heavy metal, in bleaching creams.

In contrast, a natural skin lightening cream uses safe natural extracts that have been proven to provide skin whitening properties.

Either way, the three products above prove that the effectiveness of natural skin lightening cream is not a myth.

Always note that our tests are very casual and not exhaustive trials with multiple test subjects.

Always wear sunscreen when using whitening products as the reduction in melanin makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage.

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