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Skin Lighteners Report – 3 Tips For Successful Skin Lightening

Skin lighteners, in all the forms they take, are used by people to either lighten their overall skin tone, or to fade and diminish scars, blemishes, discolorations and various other forms of hyperpigmentation on their skin.

Perhaps the most well known form of skin lighteners are skin lightening creams. Using specialized ingredients specifically formulated for reducing the production of the skin pigment melanin, these creams provide an affordable and convenient way to even out skin tone and fade blemishes.

So, what are the best skin lighteners to use?

Let’s examine some options:

1. Homemade skin lighteners

We are not a fan of homemade products. Firstly, the success rate is extremely low, despite the low cost of actually making them. Secondly, you are going to find out the hard way if that lemon juice or whatever else you are going to put on your skin is going to cause any irritation or allergy problems.

While this is a risk even with well tested creams, it is definitely more of a problem with home remedies.

2. Natural skin lighteners

This is the preferred way to go. Natural extracts, like Arbutin, has proven themselves to be extremely effective at lightening skin tone. You have to realize that chemicals like Hydroquinone do pose a risk to many people and should be used with care.

Natural extracts are generally considered much safer. They may take a little longer to produce results, but you have to weigh this against your own health.

3. Skin lighteners reviews

So, when you want to make a decision on what to buy for lightening your skin, what should you choose? Here  are short reviews of the most popular and best performing products in this market.


This natural cream contains 11 natural skin lightening ingredients, and is also paraben free. It has an amazing track record, but is also slightly on the expensive side. However, if you are looking for your best shot at positive results, this is it.

Revitol Skin Brightener

As far as skin brighteners go, the Revitol product perhaps provides the best value for money. The advantage in its affordability is that you can use the product for a good long while at minimal cost. Time is often the enemy when it comes to results with skin lightening creams as many people simply don’t use a product long enough.

This product allows you to do just that at minimal cost, and it has all the right ingredients.

You cannot go too far wrong with either of these products. In closing, here are you three tips for success with skin lighteners:

1. Choose a product you can afford to use for at least 3 months

2. Use a natural product for increased safety – never use a product containing mercury and be cautious of Hydroquinone

3. Be realistic in your expectations – you won’t see spots and blemishes disappearing in just a few days

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